Micro Lenses

Micro lenses are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing, laser-to-fiber coupling, fiber-to-fiber coupling and fiber-to-detector coupling. Newport's uncoated spherical ball lenses fabricated from Lanthanum dense flint glass provide high coupling efficiency in 1- to 5-mm diameter sizes. Our Gradient Index Micro Lenses (GRIN Lenses) are made from an oxide glass with a radially varying index of refraction to improve aberration correction, and they are offered in lengths less than 6 mm and diameters between 1 and 2 mm. To homogenize and shape the output of a variety of light emitters, we offer 10x10 mm plano-convex Microlens Arrays in a variety of focal length and pitch options, which are manufactured using photolithographic techniques on UV Fused Silica substrates.

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