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Motorized Full Gimbal System, URS Series Rotation Stage



Gimbal Applications

Gimbals are used in a wide variety of applications. Below are some examples, where Newport Gimbal Systems are implemented:

  • Optical Sensor Testing
  • Internal Navigation Testing and Calibration
  • Target Tracking
  • Radars
  • Seekers
  • Antennas
  • Telescopes

Gimbal Axes

The easiest way to understand roll, pitch and yaw is to visualize an airplane. Think of an imaginary line that runs through the front of the plane and out the back. A rotation along this line would result in a roll -- the plane would start doing barrel rolls. Now imagine another line running through both wings of the plane. A rotation along this line is a change in pitch. The plane either climbs or dives, depending on the direction of the pitch. Finally, imagine a vertical line that comes out of the top and bottom of the plane. This is the yaw axis. Rotating along this line results in a change in direction for the plane -- either right or left.

URS Precision Stepper Motor Rotation Stages

Available in four sizes, the URS family of rotation stages provides 360° continuous motion in a low profile package. The DC motor versions feature a closed-loop system, making them the recommended choice for applications that require higher accuracy and bi-directional repeatability. Additionally, rotation speeds of up to 80°/sec are available on most DC motor models. Stepper motor versions offer a lower cost alternative for less demanding applications, with minimum incremental motion step size smaller than that of their DC motor equivalents, and vacuum compatible models are also available.

Standard or Custom Solutions

Newport Motion has extensive experience in designing and building motorized gimbal mounts. With a global network of over one-thousand gimbals currently active around the globe, Newport understands the importance of building and motorizing mounts for high performance deployment across numerous applications. Besides offering standard gimbals, we at Newport also have capabilities to design and deliver high precision and high accuracy custom gimbal solutions tailored for customer’s payload size, shape, weight requirements, and beyond. All custom gimbals are delivered with compatible controllers. Contact us today to discuss your specific motorized gimbal requirements.

Compatible motion controllers for the rotation stages are:

The URS stepper motor stages are compatible with the SMC100PP single-axis stepper motor motion controller, with speed reduced by a factor of 2.5 from the speed specified in the stage data sheet (ie, 40% of rated speed). MIM is equal to 1/20 full step – contact Newport for more information on stages' specific full step.

The URS DC motor stages are compatible with the SMC100CC single-axis DC motor motion controller.