Motorized Gimbal Mounts

Newport Motion has extensive experience in designing and building motorized gimbal mounts. With a global network of over one-thousand gimbals currently active around the globe, Newport understands the importance of building and motorizing mounts for high performance deployment across numerous applications. Newport Gimbals are at present used for: target simulation, target tracking, camera calibration, sensor calibration, telescope alignment, weapons testing, and general optical alignment and adjustment. Newport Gimbals are also used to test and characterize gyroscopic sensors for inertial navigation systems. Azimuth, Elevation and Roll assemblies are available with Newport RV and URS family stages.

To accommodate various types of loads and positioning requirements, Newport Gimbals are offered in either half-yoke or full-yoke configuration in various sizes. Heidenhain encoders can be integrated to provide sub-arcsec level accuracy and sensitivity, metrology services are provided for orthogonality and axis alignment. Motorized mirror mounted gimbals are also available in various configurations.

For more information on standard Newport gimbals, download our Gimbal Systems Brochure ( 3.1 MB)

CMS-Azim_Elev Gimgals-WHT-S
150 kg Rangefinder Calibration Gimbal.
Azimuth Elevation with 350mm dia. mirror for LIDAR analysis, target tracking or optical sensors testing.
Custom motorized gimbal system
Aircraft sensor test gimbal.
Azimuth/Elevation/Roll system for antenna calibration, scanning or 3D simulation.
High-Accuracy gimbal with +/-1 arcs accuracy, 0.5 arcs encoder resolution and 10 kg max load.
Antenna and sensor positioner for guidance and field communication systems.

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