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Piezo Steering Mirror Mount, 2 mrad x 2 mrad x 16 µm, open-loop
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Piezo Steering Mirror Mount, 2 mrad x 2 mrad x 16 µm, open-loop, XPS compatible
Piezo Steering Mirror Mount, 2 mrad x 2 mrad x 16 µm, with strain gauge sensors
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In Stock
Piezo Steering Mirror Mount, 2x2mrad x16 µm, Strain Gauge, XPS compatible



Ultra-Fast Tip, Tilt, and Z Motion

Fast and reliable motion is supplied by three multi-layer, low-voltage piezo stacks in a right triangle configuration. The length of each piezo stack can be controlled individually. Applying a voltage to one stack, results in a tip or tilt. Changing the length of all three stacks simultaneously, results in a linear Z-displacement. The PSM features a high unloaded resonant frequency of 5400 Hz.

Simple and Maintenance-Free

The parallel motion design of the PSM is fully temperature compensated. Changes in the environmental temperature do not affect the tilting angle. They are also maintenance-free and are not subject to wear. The PSM models are internally preloaded, can be mounted in any orientation, and support mirrors up to 50 mm diameter that can be glued directly to the top plate.

Strain-Gauge Versions for Closed-Loop Operation

The closed-loop versions feature high resolution strain-gauge position sensors for highly accurate and repeatable motion which also compensates for actuator creep. The assembly is done as a full Wheatstone bridge and is temperature insensitive. The closed-loop devices can be used in either open or closed-loop control.

Sub-Microradian Positioning Resolution

With positioning resolution as low as 0.004 µrad, the PSM Piezo Stack Steering Mirror is capable of ultra-fine adjustments with resolution only limited by the noise of the control electronics.

Open-Loop Model

The PSM is also available as an open-loop (no position feedback) device. This is ideal for applications where the position is controlled by an external sensor such as a lateral effect diode, quad cell, photodiode, CCD camera, etc.

Compatible Controllers

The PSM2 is compatible with the NPC3 three-channel open-loop piezo stack amplifier.

The PSM2SG is compatible with the NPC3SG three-channel strain-guage position control piezo stack amplifier.

The PSM2-D and PSM2SG-D are compatible with: