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Piezo Motor Mirror Mount, Absolute Positioning, Integrated Controller


High Angular Stability

At the desired position, the angular stability of the AG-M100D absolute position mirror mount is the same as an ULTIMA mirror mount. Its thermal stability is in the range of 5 µradians / °C.

GUI for 2-axis positioning

Closed Loop Absolute Position Adjustment Capability

This mirror mount features an innovative miniature absolute position sensor. Within a footprint similar to the 1inch mirror mount of the Agilis family, it offers an angular positioning capability of 0.001°, even after a system reset. This position recovery capability is a key feature of this the CONEX-AGAP and the combination of the closed-loop algorithm with the absolute position sensor, it provides bi-directional repeatability of 0.01°.

Fine Adjustment Performance

Like its controller, the mirror mount is very compact, but is capable of ± 0.75° travel on both axes with an angular opened loop adjustment sensitivity better than 2 µrad. For closed loop positioning, the MIM is 0.001°.