Smooth Motion Dovetail Slide Bearings

The TSX-1D Series Dovetail Stage uses the same precision dovetail sliding mechanism as the more precisely controlled versions, but offers a quick positioning version over a relatively long 1.0 in. travel distance. Dovetail slides provide the simplest of all movements. Consists of two precision ground flat surfaces sliding against each other.

4 µm Step Control for Quick Positioning

The TSX-1D has a 20 TPI precision lead screw drive for coarse/fine positioning. The stage can be securely locked in place by accessing the side-mounted set screw. The stage can be adjusted from either side making this a versatile tool for smooth, fast positioning within systems.

Large Centered Load Capacity

This stage provides the largest center load capacity of the dovetail series, as well as the largest mounting area to provide the smooth travel of the dovetail design to a larger number of components.