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Temperature Controller Module, 9W TEC, Dual Channel, LDC-3908/3916
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Temperature Controller Module, 24W TEC, LDC-3908/3916


TEC Module and Connections

The 15-pin connectors on the rear panel of these controller cards are used to make connections to thermoelectric cooler (TEC) modules and their associated thermistors. There are connections provided for current drive and temperature sensor. Also provided are connections to earth ground (chassis), and to the modules analog ground. The TEC Module pins are isolated from chassis ground, allowing either output terminal to be connected to earth ground at the user's option.

Safety Limits

The 3916550 series controller cards provide a current limit feature that allows you to set the maximum current that the controller will supply. Also, to help avoid thermal runaway damage, these controller cards provide a high temperature limit setting. When the load temperature exceeds this setting, they will turn off the TEC current and generate an error.

Powerful GPIB Interface

Newport's Modular Laser Diode Cards' response to sensing the various limits can be controlled via the GPIB interface. Most high limit responses can be set to either turn off the source or just give a limit warning through the GPIB interface.