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Quadrant Cell Photoreceiver, Silicon, 190-1050 nm, 8-32/M4 Thread
3 Weeks
190-1050 nm 3 x 3 mm
3 Weeks
Quadrant Cell Photoreceiver, InGaAs, 900-1700 nm, 8-32/M4 Thread
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900-1700 nm Ø3 mm
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Silicon or InGaAs Sensors

Model 2901 offers silicon sensors which are responsive in the 190-1050 nm wavelength range. Model 2903 uses InGaAs sensors for 900-1700 nm responsivity.

Highly Sensitive Beam Position Measurement

Quadrant-cell photoreceivers consist of four individual yet identical photocells positioned very close to each other (100-µm gaps). To increase the sensitivity of these photoreceivers, each of the cells’ photocurrents is sent to its own individual amplifier before being processed with the other photocell signals to generate top-minus-bottom difference (vertical error) and right-minus-left difference (horizontal error) signals. A sum-of-all-quadrants signal is also provided for normalization purposes.

Battery Operated or External DC Supply

The 2901 and 2903 quadrant-cell photo-receivers can run off batteries or your own DC power supply. To ensure low noise operation, we strongly recommend our Model 0901 power supply.


  • Shared-beam experiments
  • Beam stabilization
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Life sciences