Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Wavelength Range Sensor Size Resolution Power Input Range Availability Price
CONEX-PSD10GE 800-1700 nm 10 x 10 mm 12 bit 10–80% of max. power, see graph for details $3,250
CONEX-PSD9 320-1100 nm 9 x 9 mm 12 bit 10–80% of max. power, see graph for details $1,278


CONEX-PSD9 320-1100 nm Wavelength Range

The CONEX-PSD9 measures the position of lasers in the 320-1100 nm wavelength range.

CONEX-PSD10GE for 800-1700 nm Wavelength Range

Simple Control Software

All Conex modules provide easy, plug-and-play, USB PC control. Multiple units can be connected to a single USB port using standard USB hub technology. CONEX-PSD modules are powered through the USB port and includes an intuitive software. The CONEX module is fully supported for software development with LabVIEW™.

Works With Pulsed Lasers

Compared to many detectors that are tweaked for high bandwidth, the CONEX-PSD has been optimized for stability and compatibility with pulsed laser beams. An analog input filter with 319 Hz cut-off frequency suppresses high frequency noise and undesired signal ringing when used with pulsed lasers. An additional digital low pass filter can be set by software in a frequency range from 0 Hz to 1000 Hz to further improve signal homogeneity.