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model 0901 power supply for New Focus sensors, detectors, receivers, and amplifiers
Lab Power Supply, ±15 VDC
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In Stock


  • Output Impedance
    2 Ω (approximately)
  • Operating Temperature Range
    10°C to 40°C (<90% humidity non-condensing)
  • Output Voltage
    ±15 V (3% tolerance)
  • Number of Outputs
    2x Pico (m8), 1x banana jacks
  • Current Range
    <300 mA


Three Independently Current Limited Supplies

All three outputs are independently current limited to prevent damage. If a load draws current beyond the specified limit, the voltage to that load drops very rapidly, reducing the available power and preventing damage to the power supply and the attached equipment.

The output voltage drops rapidly when the load draws more than the rated current.

Compact Shielded Microconnectors

Microconnectors are utilized on our optical photoreceivers, amplifiers and two of the 0901 power supply's outputs because of their compact size, and because they are shielded to reduce electrical coupling from external noise sources. The output microconnectors on this power supply are Pico (m8) style.

Multiple Cable Styles Available

Newport offers Pico (m8) double-ended, male-to-male cables compatible with this power supply in 3 different lengths. Also available is a 1-m long Pico (m8) male to banana plug cable and a 1-m cable with BMC male to SMB plug. For many of our photoreceivers and photodetectors that require an external power supply, some cables are included with the unit. For photoreceivers and photodetectors that can operate from either a battery or external power supply, the devices include batteries but not cables. For more specific information, please visit the web page of the photoreceiver or photodetector.