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IR light source kit with infrared source and controller shown
Infrared Light Source, 140 W IR Emitter, Q Series Housing
6 Weeks
6 Weeks
IR light source kit with infrared source and controller shown
Infrared Light Source, 22 W IR Emitter, Q Series Housing
IR light source kit with infrared source and controller shown
Infrared Light Source, 9 W IR Emitter, Q Series Housing


All Components Required to Make a Modular Source Included

Each light source includes an infrared emitter, socket adapter, lamp housing interface kit, power supply, rear reflector assembly, lamp housing, and off-axis parabolic reflector kit. After a quick and easy assembly, the light source is ready for use and easily integrated into a user's setup.

Three Different IR Emitters Offered

Three different IR light sources are available, varying in the type of IR emitter included. An IR emitter should be chosen based on output intensity and radiating area.

  • 6575: This 22 W IR Element has a spectral irradiance very similar to a Nernst element. Like the 6363, its shape and mounting position make it easy to align with the input slit of a monochromator. 
  • 6363: The uniform emissivity over a large radiating area, shape, and mounting position of this 140 W IR Element makes it easy to align with the input slit of a monochromator. 
  • 6580: A 9 W element useful for its small, but efficient radiating area of 0.14 in2. This is the most inexpensive option of the three IR emitters offered.

Off Axis Parabolic Reflector

A 50331AU and a OAP-ADAPT are included with these IR light source kits for optimum optical output. The 50331AU is a gold coated, off-axis parabolic reflector, while the OAP-ADAPT provides the mounting solution. This mirror provides a large light collection angle and high reflectance over a wide wavelength range, without the chromatic aberrations lenses often contribute to an optical output. Unlike on-axis parabolic and ellipsoidal reflectors, the off-axis configuration places the optical axis and focal point of the mirror away from its mechanical axis. This blocks stray light from the output path of the light, simplifying the placement of detectors and other associated hardware.

Economic, Convective Cooled Lamp Housing

The 60000 Series Q Lamp Housing uses convection cooling to maintain a safe operating temperature for these low wattage IR emitters, without the loud noise or induced vibration of a cooling fan. This housing is popular for researchers that need an inexpensive, compact, versatile lamp housing. With the right Interface Kit and Socket Adapter, all Oriel Arc Lamps and QTH Lamps up to and including 100 W can also be operated in this lamp housing. The characteristics of the output light can be changed by simply swapping output optical components.

Adjustable Rear Reflector

The 60005 reflector assembly is included for installation inside the Q Series lamp housing. When located at the port opposite the output assembly, it collects the radiation emitted from the rear of the IR emitter and redirects it towards the output assembly to increase optical power. Its MgF2 coating is an excellent broadband reflector. When installed into the 60000 lamp housing, adjustment knobs for tilt and focus are externally accessible.

Simultaneous Illumination of Up To Four Samples Possible

The 60000 Series Q Lamp Housing contains four output ports. These output ports can remain plugged if unused, or fitted with a condenser lens assembly. If a different optical output assembly is mounted to each output port, four simultaneous light outputs, each of a different wavelength emission and profile characteristics can be achieved using a single light source.