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Infrared Viewer, 350-1300 nm Wavelength Range
Infrared Viewer, 350-1700 nm Wavelength Range
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Infrared Viewer, 350-2000 nm Wavelength Range
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350 nm to 2000 nm Wavelength Coverage

The Infrared Viewers are offered in various versions with spectral responses that cover anywhere from 350 nm up to 2000 nm.

Handheld, Hands-free or Post-Mounted Operation

The lightweight, compact device can be used handheld, post mounted with the ¼-20 internal thread, or facemask-mounted for hands-free operation.

Wide Variety of Applications

Applications for these IR viewers include laser beam alignment, optical fiber alignment, semiconductor inspection, fluorescence, IR luminescence, thermal imaging, night vision, and photo processing.

Sensitivity of the IR Viewers in the Long Wavelength Range

Typically, the sensitivity of the IR viewer quickly is reduced starting from 1300 nm. However, it is possible to observe low intensity IR beam with proper viewing conditions, such as the spectral filtration, reduced external background noise, short distance of observation, the use of a metallic surface for viewing the IR reflective radiation (instead of a paper material, which has high absorption in IR).

The approximate minimal power densities, required for the viewing of infrared laser beam at one meter distance, are as follows:

  • 3 mW/cm² for 1.5 µm
  • 50 mW/cm² for 1.7 µm 
  • 180mW/cm² for 1.8 µm
  • 1 W/cm² for 1.9 µm 
  • 2 W/cm² for 2.0 µm