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IR Sensor Card, High Power, 950-1150 & 1480-1650 nm, 23 x 23 mm
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UV Sensor Card, High Power, 190-390 nm, 23 x 23 mm Active Area (RoHS Pending)
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IR and UV Wavelength Coverage

These viewing cards contain a smart pigment coated sensor area that changes color when illuminated by mid-IR sources. This allows for the easy location of mid-IR beams and their focal point as well as the visualization of spatial mode patterns. Model F-IRC-HP converts IR radiation from 950-1150 nm and 1480-1650 nm to visible green, while the F-UVC-HP converts UV radiation from 190-390 nm laser to visible red light. Both the IR and UV cards are suitable for cw and pulsed lasers. The 23 x 23 mm active area is located at one end of the 25 x 100 mm anodized Aluminum card for both models. Typical applications include sensing and locating Excimer lasers, Gas lasers and tripled ND:YAG lasers.

High Power Ratings

With maximum CW power density ratings of up to >10 kW/cm2 and pulsed maximum power density ratings of up to >10 J/cm2, these sensor cards are ideal for sensing and locating excimer lasers, gas lasers, and tripled ND:YAG lasers.

Optical Charging Not Required

The cards are always ready to use with no optical charging required, making operation convenient and simple.