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UV Beam Viewer, 66 mm Diameter, 48.3 mm Clear Aperture, 193-355 nm
In Stock
In Stock


  • Type
    UV Beam Viewer
  • Wavelength Range
    193 - 355 nm
  • Sensor Size
    Ø48.3 mm
  • Damage Threshold
    6.0 J/cm2 @ 355 nm, 10 ns, 20 Hz
  • Diameter
    66.0 mm
  • Thickness
    5.0 mm
  • Surface Quality
    80-50 scratch-dig
  • Wedge
    30 ±10 arc min


Visualization of UV Radiation

Beam characteristics such as laser mode structure, beam shape, and beam alignment can be observed with the UV Beam Viewer because the optical glass will glow white green when exposed to UV radiation. 

Caution should be used for wavelengths less than 300 nm. The glass is still transparent below 300 nm but with higher absorption levels. The absorbed UV light may cause heat or optic may crack.

The UV Beam Viewer is designed to be a viewing tool only which is introduced to an optical system during alignment and troubleshooting. It is not intended to remain in the optical path permanently.

Optical Post Mounting

The housing provides threaded 8-32 and M4 holes to enable use as a wand or to be fixed on a bench using our standard posts.

Cleanroom Compatible

These beam viewers are cleanroom-compatible and transmissive at 355 nm.

UV Beam Viewer sample material tested at 355 nm with 10mW power. 355 nm light can be generated by Explorer® One™ Q-Switched Laser.

UV Beam Viewer sample material tested at 266 nm with 1mW power. 266 nm light can be generated by 532 nm Excelsior® Compact CW Laser with WaveTrain® 2 Frequency Doubler.

UV Beam Viewer sample material tested at 193 nm with 1 W power (2 mJ at 500 Hz).