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Hybrid Air Bearing Stage, Single Plane XY


  • Pitch
    15 µrad
  • Surface Flatness
    0.6 µm
  • Travel Range
    350 mm
  • Travel Range Y
    650 mm


Innovative Architecture

HybrYX stages blend the cost-effectiveness of mechanical bearings with the precision of a single plane air bearing carriage to deliver a powerful combination of throughput, precision and value. During motion, a ceramic carriage freely slides in X and Y on a precision lapped granite reference plane using a proprietary pressure-vacuum air bearing design. This XY carriage is pressure-vacuum preloaded to, and guided along the Y-axis by a rigid and lightweight ceramic beam. The beam is supported (and guided) at each end by recirculating ball bearing carriages resulting in a low-profile design that is extremely rigid, well-damped, and capable of quick & precise point-to-point moves and exceptional high-speed scanning performance. For large payloads, such as Generation-5 LCD display or Photovoltaic panels, the HybrYX-G5 offers an oversized carriage with higher air bearing load capacity on both the horizontal and vertical reference surfaces.

Outstanding Performance Characteristics for Demanding Scanning Applications

HybrYX offers Z-Jitter & dynamic straightness of less than ±25nm during high speed motion, better than 0.1% velocity ripple, a compact 1200 x 765 mm footprint, a 650 x 350 mm travel range, and Long-life & high MTBF as air bearing is not limited by bearing travel/life- expectancy.

Performance without Compromise

HybrYX was developed to overcome the disadvantages found in conventional "stacked" XY stage systems. Truck-and-rail based stages have limited performance capabilities, long-travel crossed roller bearing designs are hindered by large footprints and may not have adequate life-time or MTBF characteristics, and a (pure) dual axis air bearing is often cost prohibitive.

The HybrYX Stage Applications

  • Wafer Inspection
  • PCB Patterning
  • Wafer Bump Inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Array Checking
  • Array Repair
  • Color Filter Generation
  • Edge Isolation
  • Scribing
  • Fiducial and Barcode Generation
  • Wave Guide Direct Writing
  • Optical Calibration