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Hybrid Air Bearing Stage, Single Plane XY


  • Pitch
    15 µrad
  • Surface Flatness
    0.6 µm
  • Travel Range
    350 mm
  • Travel Range Y
    650 mm


Newport Air Bearing Stage Solutions

Newport's reputation for being the premier supplier of high-precision motorized staes is exemplified by our full line of Air Bearing Positioning Systems. Additionaly, our dedicated OEM group has the knowledge and expertise needed to address the most complex and demanding motion control applications. This video provides an overview of the DynamYX, HybrYX and SinguLYS air bearing stage solutions.

Innovative Architecture

HybrYX stages blend the cost-effectiveness of mechanical bearings with the precision of a single plane air bearing carriage to deliver a powerful combination of throughput, precision and value. During motion, a ceramic carriage freely slides in X and Y on a precision lapped granite reference plane using a proprietary pressure-vacuum air bearing design. This XY carriage is pressure-vacuum preloaded to, and guided along the Y-axis by a rigid and lightweight ceramic beam. The beam is supported (and guided) at each end by recirculating ball bearing carriages resulting in a low-profile design that is extremely rigid, well-damped, and capable of quick & precise point-to-point moves and exceptional high-speed scanning performance. For large payloads, such as Generation-5 LCD display or Photovoltaic panels, the HybrYX-G5 offers an oversized carriage with higher air bearing load capacity on both the horizontal and vertical reference surfaces.

Outstanding Performance Characteristics for Demanding Scanning Applications

HybrYX offers Z-Jitter & dynamic straightness of less than ±25nm during high speed motion, better than 0.1% velocity ripple, a compact 1200 x 765 mm footprint, a 650 x 350 mm travel range, and Long-life & high MTBF as air bearing is not limited by bearing travel/life- expectancy.

Performance without Compromise

HybrYX was developed to overcome the disadvantages found in conventional "stacked" XY stage systems. Truck-and-rail based stages have limited performance capabilities, long-travel crossed roller bearing designs are hindered by large footprints and may not have adequate life-time or MTBF characteristics, and a (pure) dual axis air bearing is often cost prohibitive.

The HybrYX Stage Applications

  • Wafer Inspection
  • PCB Patterning
  • Wafer Bump Inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Array Checking
  • Array Repair
  • Color Filter Generation
  • Edge Isolation
  • Scribing
  • Fiducial and Barcode Generation
  • Wave Guide Direct Writing
  • Optical Calibration