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Dispersion Wedge, FemtoOptics, 20 x 30 mm, 0.2 mm thick, Fused Silica, Uncoated
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In Stock
Dispersion Wedge, Mounted, 20x30 mm, 0.2 mm thick, Fused Silica, Uncoated, FemtoOptics
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1 Week
Dispersion Wedge, FemtoOptics, 20 x 50 mm, 0.5 mm thick, N-BK7, AR Coated
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In Stock
Dispersion Wedge, Mounted, 20x50 mm, 0.5 mm thick, N-BK7, AR Coated, FemtoOptics
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Fine Tune Dispersion Over a Wide Dynamic Range

Because of the relatively small angle and large length of these optical wedges, dispersion can be finely tuned over a wide dynamic range. By using a pair of wedges, angular dispersion can be avoided. Popular applications include high harmonic generation, attosecond pulse generation, CEP (Carrier Envelope Phase) or applications using wedges in conjunction with high dispersion mirrors. 

Pairs of ultra thin wedges allow fine, continuous tuning of the GDD. The extremely accurate GDD control enabled by thin glass wedges in conjunction with broadband dispersive mirrors is indispensable for the generation and manipulation of sub-10 femtosecond pulses.

Special care and attention should be taken when handling these ultrathin optics.  Any small mishap may bring irreparable harm to the wedge.  Handle at your own risk.

Typical GDD for 23RQ12-02

Typical GDD vs material insertion for the 20 x 30 mm ultra thin wedges with 2° 48' wedge angle.

Typical GDD for 25RB12-01UF.AR2

Typical GDD vs material insertion for the 20 x 50 mm ultra thin wedges with 8° wedge angle.

Easy Mounting for Mounted Version

The mounted versions of the wedges fit easily into Newport's 1- or 0.5-in. diameter mirror mounts or lens holders. The wedges are offered with or without coating. A broadband antireflection coating minimizes insertion losses at near normal incidences.  Additional insertion losses can be minimized using the wedges at Brewster's angle. The mounting example seen includes the 25RB12-01UF.AR2-M optical wedge in the U100-A2K Ultima Mirror Mount. 

FemtoOptics: The Premier Optics Product Line

For your convenience, Newport part numbers are show here with the corresponding equivalent FemtoOptics part number.

Newport Part FemtoOptics Part
23RQ12-02 OA124
23RQ12-02-M OA924
25RB12-01UF.AR2 OA324
25RB12-01UF.AR2-M OA325

Mounted Wedges Setup Example

See the parts list of the shown setup example below.

Part No Description Quantity
25RB12-01UF.AR2-M AR Coated, Mounted Wedge 2
HVM-1i Top Adjust Mirror Mount 2
SP-1 1" Optical Mounting Post 2
SPH-1 Slim Optical Post Holder 2
422-1S Miniature Ball Bearing Stage 2
TR-8Q20-10 Pack of Adaptors 1/4-20 to 8-32 1
TP-34 High Density Mounting Plate 2
SA2-06x12 Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboard 1