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Mirror Mount Adaptor 12.7 mm 8-32 and 1/4-20
Sliding Clamp 8-32
Mirror Mount Adaptor 12.7 mm M4 and M6
Sliding Clamp M4


Post Top Adapter for Mirror Mounts

The (M-) SR-ADP Mirror Mounting Adapter features a 1/4-20 (M6) threaded hole in the center of the bottom and directly mounts to 1.5 in. optical posts or pedestals. Its top side has a counterbored thru hole and two threaded mounting holes accepting opto-mechanical components with threaded (i.e. SN100-F) or thru-holes. The scribed line around the diameter of the adapter is to set height when being used with the Q-XE-RA-1 to center optical axis height of a mirror mount being used within the Q-OC-1 Cube.

Sliding Clamp with Spring-Loaded Ball Detent

(M-) SR-SC sliding clamp mounts a mirror mount at any angle and height to a 1.5 in. optical rod. When used with the 'V'-grooved (M-) SR-4P Rod, its spring-loaded ball detent allows it to ride linearly along the SR-4P’s length preventing unintentional rotation during height adjustment.