Enhanced Aluminum UV Coating

Our AL.2 UV enhanced aluminum coating is a durable, broadband UV reflector with average reflectivity greater than 90% from 250 – 600 nm. The aluminum film is overcoated with UV transparent magnesium fluoride to prevent oxidation of the metal.

Enhanced Aluminum VIS-NIR Coating

Our ER.1 enhanced aluminum coating may be used wherever a broadband visible and near infrared reflector is needed. A multilayer dielectric stack deposited over the aluminum film boosts reflectance and improves the durability of the coating. Average reflectivity is greater than 93% from 450-700 nm.

Protected Silver VIS-IR Coating

Our ER.2 protected silver coating is composed of a low emissivity silver film fully encapsulated by a multilayer dielectric stack to prevent oxidation. This coating has excellent broadband reflectivity in the IR, while maintaining very good performance in the visible and near IR. Average reflectivity is greater than 96% from 480 – 1100 nm and greater than 98.5% from 1.1 – 20 µm. This silver mirror is a favorite for Ultrafast scientists who want an inexpensive option.

Protected Gold NIR-IR Coating

Our ER.4 protected gold coating is ideal for applications requiring broadband reflectance in the near IR to the far IR. A multilayer dielectric overcoat provides protection to the gold from the environment. Average reflectivity is greater than 96% from 650 – 1700 nm and greater than 98% from 1.7 – 2.0 µm.

Quality Zerodur® Substrates

Zerodur® is a unique glass-ceramic material with a nearly zero coefficient of thermal expansion. Zerodur is an ideal material for environments with large temperature fluctuations.