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  • Type
    Tunable Bandpass Filter
  • Fiber Type
  • Operating Wavelength
    1535 to 1565 nm
  • Maximum Insertion Loss
    3.0 dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss
    1.5 dB
  • Bandwidth
    0.8nm (TYP), 3.5nm (MAX)
  • Maximum Optical Power
    500 mW
  • Operating Temperature
    15 to 65°C
  • Option Code
  • Maximum Back Reflection
    -50 dB
  • Polarization Dependent Loss, Maximum
    0.05 dB, typical @ 1565 nm; 0.3 dB @ 1535 nm


Sub Nanometer Tuning over a Broad Range

A thin film coated interference filter is located between two angled fiber optic collimators. This tunable bandpass filter is used to select the wavelength of interest, across the 1535 to 1565 nm wavelength range with 0.05 nm tuning resolution, by adjusting the tilt angle of the filter using a high-precision micrometer.

The graph shows three peaks because with a tunable filter, there are three possible bands, although only one band at a time is possible.

Low Insertion and Polarization Dependent Loss

Typical insertion loss is just 1.5 dB with these bandpass filters. The maximum insertion loss is 3.0 dB.

Typical polarization dependent loss is 0.05 dB @ 1565 nm; 0.3 dB @ 1535 nm.