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12.7 mm, 25.4 mm 80 TPI 2-56 THD 8-32 THD
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12.7 mm, 25.4 mm 80 TPI 2-56 THD M4 THD
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100 TPI 1/4-20 (M6) CLR 8-32 THD
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100 TPI 1/4-20 (M6) CLR M4 THD
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  • Mechanism
  • Platform Size
    25.4 x 25.4 mm
  • Number of Actuators
  • Actuator Drive
  • Actuator Locks
  • Adjustments
    θx, θy
  • Material
    Anodized Aluminum


Miniature Platform Mounts

Miniature Platform Mounts are available in three compact sizes: 1.00-, 0.75-, and 0.50-in. These mounts cover the most frequently used OEM mirror sizes.

Left to Right: P100-P, MM-075, MM-050

EC Platform Mounts

9771 and 9771-M EC Platform mounts are designed to be space saving and versatile. These mounts can hold Ø1 in. as well as Ø0.5 in. mirrors without the addition of any adaptors. Their small 1 in. square frame with mounting pegs provides a configurable platform for quickly mounting mirrors. The EC Platform mirror mount can also be used in a horizontal orientation for aligning prisms and beam splitters.

Horizontal or Vertical Mounting

P100-P platform mounts can be post mounted as a horizontal tip/tilt platform using the threaded hole in the center or a vertical mount using the threaded hole on the side.

Mirror Cup Adapters

P100-P platform mounts are compatible with Mirror Cup Adaptors which provide a convenient and stable method to hold the optic. The adapter attaches to the face of the platform mount through the 1/4-in. hole in the center of the platform and is locked in place by a set screw from the side.