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UV Singlemode Fiber, 320-430 nm, Pure Silica Core, Non-photo darkening
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Optical Fiber, Singlemode, Bend Insensitive, 1550 nm, Pure Silica Core
Optical Fiber, Pure Silica Core Single Mode, 405-532 nm, Non-photo darkening
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Bare Fiber Construction

Cabled Fiber Construction

Custom Singlemode Patch Cables

Use Model Number F-PATCH-CUSTOM to configure a custom fiber-optic patch cord using these fibers. You can specify the fiber type, length, jacketing, and input and output connectors.

UV and Short Visible Applications

The F-SM-300-SC and F-SM400-SC are designed for Ultra-Violet (UV) and visible wavelength transmission. The silica core prevents photo darkening effects, which are normally associated with Germanium doped fibers. Fluorinated, depressed cladding design allows the core to be made from pure silica without the need for Germanium doping.

Hydrogen-rich Environment Applications

The F-SM1500SC-9/125 and F-SM1500SC-9/125-P are designed for use in Hydrogen-rich environments where the pure silica core resists the effects of Hydrogen darkening. The F-SM1500SC-9/125-P is designed specifically for down hole Oil & Gas applications. The fiber is engineered to resist the effects of Hydrogen ingress and when used with the high performance Polyimide coating, ensures the fiber is suitable for high temperature down hole applications.