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Singlemode Fiber, 1550-1650 nm, Polyimide Coated, Bend Insensitive, Reduced Clad
Optical Fiber, Singlemode, High Temperature, 1550-1650 nm, Bend Insensitive
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Singlemode Fiber, 1550-1650 nm, Polyimide Coated, Bridging Fiber, Reduced Clad
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Optical Fiber, Singlemode, 1550-1650 nm, Polyimide Coated, Low Attenuation
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High NA Available

The fibers are available in a range of Numerical Apertures (NAs) from 0.13NA up to 0.31NA. Low NA fibers are designed for low attenuation applications where long lengths of fiber are used in a straight deployment state, for example in Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems. High NA fibers allow dramatically reduced bend losses for coiled deployment states, for example in coiled seismic/acoustic sensors.

Custom Singlemode Patch Cables

Use Model Number F-PATCH-CUSTOM to configure a custom fiber-optic patch cord using these fibers. You can specify the fiber type, length, jacketing, and input and output connectors.

Polyimide Coating

Polyimide is a high performance polymer, which can withstand short-term temperatures as high as 400°C and continuous temperatures of 300°C, allowing the fiber to survive in high temperature wells and thermally cured embedding processes.

High Temperature Acrylate Coating

Our high temperature acrylate coated Single-Mode (SM) fibers are designed for continuous use at +150°C. The fibers are available with different Numerical Aperture (NA) ranges to give various levels of macro and micro bend losses and Mode Field Diameters (MFDs) to give the optimum choice depending on the application.

Small Mode Field Diameters (MFD) Available

The 6.4µm and 7.8µm MFD variants are designed to give very low macro and micro bend losses, higher backscattering coefficients for Raman, Rayleigh and Brillouin sensor systems and better splice compatibility to high NA, small MFD sensor coil fibers to allow use as a "bridging fiber" often used in acoustic sensors.

High Cut-Off Versions Available

The F-SM1500-9/125-HT is primarily designed as a low attenuation fiber for use as a transmission fiber or as a distributed sensor for Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Pressure Sensing (DPS), Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) applications. The higher cut-off wavelength than standard telecoms fibers allows this fiber to offer improved bend losses over standard single-mode fibers.


The fibers target micro-seismic "fracking" sensors, distributed temperature and pressure sensors used in Oil & Gas exploration and process optimization. These fibers are also an excellent choice for embedded Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensor applications.