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Accessory Shelf, 15 x 68 x 2 inch, Mounts Below Table


ATS Overhead Table Shelves with Electrical Sockets

ATS Series Overhead Table Shelf Systems are great for off-the-table mounting or storing power supplies, controllers, oscilloscopes, laser diode drivers, and other instruments. Shelf height can be easily adjusted. Hang optional shelves under the main platform. Cables can be routed away from critical setups by using any one of twelve electrical outlets mounted on either side of the ATS shelf system (US power outlets, for international configurations please select ATSE shelf with ATSE-PS add-on power supplies). Load capacity is 200 lb. (90 kg) centered and 300 lb. (135 kg) distributed. Our Laser Safety Curtains can be attached to ATS series shelves.

Overhead shelf with hanging shelf and cable management system attached.

ATSE Overhead Table Shelves without Electrical Sockets

The ATSE Series Overhead Table Shelf System can be used in applications that do not require electrical outlets. Additionally, by using the ATSE-PS series universal power strips the ATSE shelf system can be field upgraded to include integrated, country specific electrical outlets. ATSE-PS electrical power strip upgrade kits are available for France, Germany, China, England, USA, Italy, Japan and India.

ATSE shelf with integrated ATSE-PS power strip.

AS Series Under Table Accessory Shelf

The AS Series Accessory Shelf mounts below the optical table for out-of-the-way storage of bulky items like lasers and power supplies. Designed with robust, two-inch thick honeycomb paneling, covered by steel on all sides, the shelf is non-resonant. In fact, it’s guaranteed not to degrade table performance. If components require additional, positive-tie-down stability, Newport recommends using a breadboard and support posts instead. The AS-1568 requires holes to be drilled and tapped into the bottom surface of optical tables for attachment. Please notify your Newport representative so that this special feature can be added to the table.

Laser mounted on accessory shelf with precision beam steerer to route beam to table top.