Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Width1 Length2 Height Availability Price
4 ft. 10 ft. 78.5 in.
4 ft. 6 ft. 78.5 in.
4 ft. 8 ft. 78.5 in.
5 ft. 10 ft. 78.5 in.
4 Weeks
5 ft. 12 ft. 78.5 in.
4 Weeks


Laser Protections Easily Integrated

The OTS-LSC curtain complies with ANSI standards and can withstand exposure levels up to 200W/cm2 for 100 sec. based upon a 5 mm beam diameter. Traditional laser safety curtain systems have either been supported by free standing leg structures, which typically interfere with floor space, or ceiling mounted systems which require additional time and expense to install. The OTS-LSC attaches directly to the OTS or ATS overhead shelf system to provide an integrated, laser safe, optical table system which can easily be relocated or repositioned with the lab.

Custom Size and Material Available

The ANSI rated 4 foot tall curtain is designed to provide a 12 in. gap around the perimeter of the optical table and when installed at its maximum height of 78.5 in. drapes below the table surface by 8 inches. The OTS-LSC is offered in several standard sizes to fit the most popular table sizes. If a wider perimeter working area is desired customers can simply purchase a larger curtain. Newport can also provide customized curtain sizes and special materials upon request.