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open loop picomotor piezo motion controller and driver model 8742
Motion Controller, Picomotor, Open-Loop, 4 Channel
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Picomotor Controller Kit, Four-Axis
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Picomotor Controller Kit, Eight-Axis
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Picomotor Controller Kit, Twelve-Axis
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4-Axis Open-Loop Control

The 8742 controller/driver features four output ports for controlling up to four Picomotor actuators. Each 8742 controller/driver can drive one of its four ports at any given time.

LabVIEW™ and Windows DLL Support

For greater flexibility and to program the controllers yourself, Window DLL and sample LabVIEW™ VIs are included.

Integrated Controller and Driver Design

The 8742 is a single-box solution that provides both control of Picomotor actuators as well as drives the actuators. For plug-and-play use without need for computer control, you can use the 8758 hand control pad. This image shows recommended compatible products for this controller. 

Daisy-Chain Up to 31 Controllers

You can daisy-chain up to 31 open or close-loop controllers together with four channels each, so you can have a network of up to 124 standard Picomotor actuators. The 8745-PWR-CBL and 8745-RS485-CBL cables are used to daisy-chain power and communication, creating a network of Picomotor controllers. This allows you to connect one master controller to your PC and be able to communicate with the entire stack. Note that one power supply is required for every three controllers.

Open-Loop Picomotor Controller/Driver Kits

The 8742-4-KIT Four-Axis Open-Loop Picomotor Controller/Driver Module Kit has everything you need to get started quickly. We've bundled our Picomotor controller/driver and accessories together to provide a simple-to-use 4-axis driver kit. Just plug in the included power supply and you're ready to go. The kit includes the following components: 1x Model 8742 module and software, 1x Model8745-PS power supply, and 1x Model 8745-USB-CBL USB cable. To control more Picomotors, there are 8-axis 8742-8-KIT and 12-axis 8742-12-KIT kits which include the 8745-RS485-CBL .

USB and Ethernet Connectivity

The model 8742 controller/driver has two computer interface ports: USB-Device and Ethernet. This makes connecting and communicating with a host PC very simple. This controller also features an embedded HTTP server which generates a dynamic web page to accept command line input and show immediate response.

Windows Application for Plug-and-Play Use

Included with the Picomotor controller/driver is an intuitive graphical user interface Windows software application to facilitate quick, user-friendly motion control through the controller’s USB or Ethernet interfaces. This Windows software application has an advanced auto-discovery feature which automatically finds computer connected Picomotor controllers and actuators.