Building your Intelligent Picomotor™ Driver Network

The Intelligent Picomotor control modules include the Model 8742 Open loop controller / driver and the Model 8743-CL closed loop controller / driver. The Model 8742 can control up to four individual Picomotor actuators asynchronously through four 4-pin (RJ-22) single-channel output ports. For multi-axis devices like the mounts and stages that have 6-pin (RJ-11) connectors, you will need to use a Model 8725 multi-axis adapter. The Model 8743-CL can control up to two individual Picomotor actuators asynchronously through two 4-pin (RJ-22) single-channel output ports. Both controllers allow you to build a network of up to 31 controller/drivers. You can move the Picomotor actuators through the model 8758 hand controller, or computer (USB or Ethernet). Use the Model 8745-STK-KIT driver/controller assembly kit which includes a mounting bracket and Models 8745-PWR-CBL and 8745-RS485-CBL cables for daisy chaining power and communication connections.