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F/# Matcher, XYZ Focus Adjustment, 1.5 Inch Female Flange
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Optical Fiber Adapter, 77250 Monochromator, Large Slit Fiber Bundle
Optical Fiber Adapter, Monochromator, Rectangular Fiber Bundle
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Optical Fiber Adapter, Monochromator, 11 mm Ferrules, Set Screws
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Optical Fiber Adapter, Monochromator, 11 mm Ferrules, Quick Disconnect
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F/# Matcher for Increasing Throughput While Decreasing Stray Light

Newport’s model 77529 is a fiber optic f/# matcher. When light from a fiber optic is sent directly into a monochromator or spectrograph, energy is lost if the output angle of the fiber optic is larger than the input angle of the monochromator and/or if the fiber size is larger than the slit size. The 77529 works by increasing the f/# of the beam from a fiber optic cable by 2x, matching the fiber output to the input required by Oriel monochromators and spectrographs. The advantage of using the 77529 is to increase throughput while decreasing stray light inside the instrument. For imaging applications, the image is magnified by a factor of 2x. The 77529 may also be used at the output of a monochromator to couple light into an output fiber – in this case, the slit image is de-magnified by a factor of 2x. This adapter's reflective optics operate from 190 nm to 24 µm, and it is suitable for use with fused silica fibers (not glass fibers). The 77529 has precise X, Y and Z focus adjustment for optimal alignment of the fiber image with the monochromator slit. It has a 1.5-in. series female quick connect flange and an adapter to hold any Oriel fiber with standard or quick connect 11-mm ferrule. This adapter also has a #1/4-20 threaded hole, as rod mounting is suggested for additional support.

Efficient Couplers for Rectangular Fiber Bundles

Models 77855 and RF-ADAPT adapters hold the rectangular end of our Large Slit Rectangular to Circular Fiber Optic Bundles at the input of Oriel monochromators and spectrographs or other flanged components. The fiber replaces the slit, and these adapters do not require a fixed slit holder for mounting, as they couple directly to the aperture of the monochromator.

When used at the input, much of the light from the fiber overfills the grating and is lost. This is especially true for glass bundles. Even so, the simplicity and convenience of this technique ensure its application when there is plenty of light, and stray light is not a major concern. However, when this is not the case, use the 77358 adapter. When using the 77855 or RF-ADAPT fiber slit at the output, the bundle accepts all the light, which falls on the "fiber slit". Be sure to choose a matching input fixed slit, or set the variable slit to match the "fiber slit".

The 77358 couples the rectangular end of a Large Slit Fiber Bundle to a monochromator slit. If working with a fused silica bundle, use the 77358 with the Focusing Lens Assembly, model 77330. The 77330 will then focus the bundle's image onto the monochromator input slit. For glass bundles, you may couple the bundle directly to the monochromator slit using only the 77358's spacer tube (the 77330 is not required).

Economical Adapter for Standard 11-mm Ferrule Terminations

Model 77860 adapter couples a single channel Oriel fiber bundle to the input of Oriel monochromator or spectrographs for our 11-mm standard ferrules . This adapter holds fiber bundles with an 11-mm standard ferrule termination. It holds the bundle against the slit of any Oriel monochromator or spectrograph (the instrument must have a fixed slit assembly). This coupler can also be used to hold single fibers at the entrance slit to a monochromator or spectrograph, with the addition of the 77670 or 77675 ferrule converter on the end of the fiber. These converters change an SMA or ST termination into an 11-mm standard ferrule.

Adapter for Quick Connect 11-mm Ferule Terminations

Model 77863 fiber adapter is used for Oriel fiber bundles with an 11-mm quick connect ferule termination. The female flange on this adapter couples to the male flange of a fixed slit holder and holds the fiber in the slit plane – the fiber replaces the slit. The 77863 is compatible with most Oriel monochromators and spectrographs.