Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Optic Diameter Number of Actuators Adjustment Screw Thread Availability Price
Mirror Mount, Suprema® LWD, 1.0 in, (2) 127-TPI Locking Knob Actuators
In Stock
25.4 mm 2 127 TPI
In Stock
Mirror Mount, Suprema® LWD, 1.0 in, (3) 127-TPI Locking Knob Actuators
2 Weeks
25.4 mm 3 127 TPI
2 Weeks


  • Mechanism
  • Optic Diameter
    25.4 mm
  • Actuator Drive
  • Actuator Locks
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    127 TPI
  • Actuator Orientation
  • Optic Loading
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


3-Point Axial Clamping Reduces Mounting Stress

With the axial 3-point mounting, because there are twice as many mounting points, the forces that would cause distortion are essentially cut in half, more distributed, and axially opposite to eliminate bending.

Test Results - Minimized Distortion

Interferometric testing results show the flatness of the mirrors held in these mounts, measure at 0.100 wave PV (peak to valley).   Compare this to mirrors held in a mount with a nylon-tipped set screw where the flatness degrades to 0.600 to 0.800 wave PV.  An unconstrained 1/10th wave mirror will typically measure 0.090 wave PV.

Actual Interferometric Testing

Actual (not simulated) interferometric testing of our LWD Mirror Mounts demonstrate that the low-stress mirror mounting clamp significantly reduces wave front distortion.  In this video, we are testing the Suprema SU100W-F3K low wave front distortion mirror mount.

127-TPI Adjusters for Higher Sensitivity

These SU100W series mounts are equipped our AJS 127-TPI locking adjustment screws. This gives them an angular range of ± 7° and provides a 27% improvement in adjustment sensitivity over competing mounts having 100-TPI adjusters. Better adjustability means faster, easier alignment.

Locking Adjustment Screws

Suprema Low Wavefront Distortion Mirror Mounts use a Flexure Lock built with an AJS bushing. Flexure Locks exert a tangential force on the screw to prevent rotation.