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R14 frame laser safety goggle
Laser Safety Goggles, 23% VLT, Glass, For Argon, Diode, Dye Lasers
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Laser Safety Goggles, Glass, 35% VLT, Diode, Disc, Dye, Fiber, Nd:YAG Lasers
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Laser Safety Goggles, Glass, 71% VLT, Diode, Disc, Dye, Fiber Lasers
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  • Lens Material
    Laminated Glass
  • CE


Goggles Designed For Complete Laser Eye Protection

The advanced filter technology implemented in these goggles ensures maximum visibility with unsurpassed attenuation at specific laser wavelengths. The goggles design allows for complete eye coverage for complete protection. The transmission curve of each lens type is available for download below or by clicking on the model number in the order or specification table.

Transmission curve for model LS670 is shown. It uses Honeywell filter number 70.

Anti-Fog Design

These goggles come with an anti-scratch coating and anti-fog design to provide a free flow of air from bottom to top of goggles.

Foam Pads for Comfort and Easy Replacement

The foam pads on the goggles ensure comfort and are easily replaceable.

Fits Over Prescription Eyewear

The design of these goggles allow them to comfortably fit over prescription eyewear. The frame height and the width are 85 mm and 170 nm, respectively. The lens size is 63 mm by 46 mm, with 11 mm distance between the lenses.