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Lasersmith Safety Goggles, 800 nm Diode and YAG Laser Wavelengths
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Laser Safety Goggles, Argon and NdGa:YAG Laser Wavelengths
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Goggle Design Offers Complete Protection

The advanced filter technology implemented in these goggles ensures maximum visibility with unsurpassed attenuation at specific laser wavelengths. The goggle design allows for complete eye coverage for complete protection. The transmission curve of each goggle is available by clicking on the model number in the order or specification table.

Seal Provides Maximum Comfort and Airtight Seal

The silicone seal on the goggles ensures maximum comfort and an airtight seal.

Fits Over Prescription Eyewear

The design of these goggles allow them to comfortably fit over prescription eyewear.

Anti-Fog Design

These goggles come with an anti-scratch coating and an indirect ventilation system to minimize fogging.