Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Wavelength Range Fiber Connector Availability Price
1280-1340 nm FC/APC
1280-1340 nm FC/PC
1520-1620 nm
1520-1620 nm FC/APC
1520-1620 nm FC/PC


  • Extinction Ratio
    >20 dB (>25 dB typical)
  • Insertion Loss
    <0.5 dB (<0.3 dB typical)
  • Back Reflection
    <-60 dB (without connector)
  • Dimensions
    88 × 17 × 19.5 mm


Pigtailed In-Line Polarization Controller

Our new all-fiber In-line polarization controller is ideal for fiber optic system where small size is especially needed. They fit in most rack mountable housings and electronic circuit boards. With conventional communication fiber pigtails, these polarization controllers can be easily installed in the system.

Precision Polarization Control by Quarter Waveplates

These In-line polarization controllers are composed of two fiber-made quarter waveplates. It has all fiber configuration, and low insertion loss. For arbitrary input polarization, linear combination of the two independently controlled waveplates can generate any output state of polarization.