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high-power laser diode mount model 764H-061
Laser Diode Mount, CS Bar, 61 W High Power, Temp Controlled
Laser Diode Mount, CS Bar, High Power, Temp Controlled



Fine Control of High Power Diode Temperature

An internal series of Peltier Thermoelectric (TE) coolers provide for fine control of the device temperature, enabling wavelength tuning and outstanding stabilization.

Flexible Diode Mounting on Top Copper Plate

The copper mounting plate offers a range of mounting holes to work with a wide variety of high power laser diodes. -061 is shown. Laser diodes offered by other manufacturers in the market can be accommodated with special hole patters that can be drilled on the copper plate. The top copper plate is also sold separately in case custom hole patterns need to be created. Spare plates can be ordered as required.