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Cylindrical Lens Holder, 1.0 in x 0.25-0.50 in., 0.75 in. Clear Aperture
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Cylindrical Lens Holder, 2.0 in. x 0.75-1.0 in., 2.063-20 Threaded Mounts
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Lens Base Centers Cylindrical Lenses

The holders consist of a lens base that centers the lens in the holder and a knurled retaining ring to hold the lens in place. The inner face of the retaining ring is a Delrin washer that contacts the lens surface. This configuration avoids the possibility of a point contact between the lens surface and a metal retaining ring.

Compatible with Newport Mounts and Stages

The CYH-1 and CYH-2 fit into LM-R Series mounts to provide accurate positioning and easy rotation for cylindrical axis alignment. Additional mounting options for the CYH-2 include compatibility with the RSP-2T Rotary Stage for accurate indexed lens rotation and the LP-2A 5-axis gimbal mount for maximum fine positioning.