Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Size Wavelength Range Coating Code Availability Price
6.35 x 6.35 x 6.35 mm 400-700 nm MB.1
6.35 x 6.35 x 6.35 mm 700-1100 nm MB.2
6.35 x 6.35 x 6.35 mm 1100-1600 nm MB.3
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm 400-700 nm MB.1
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm 700-1100 nm MB.2
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm 1100-1600 nm MB.3
25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 mm 400-700 nm MB.1
25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 mm 700-1100 nm MB.2
25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 mm 1100-1600 nm MB.3
50.8 x 50.8 x 50.8 mm 400-700 nm MB.1
50.8 x 50.8 x 50.8 mm 700-1100 nm MB.2
50.8 x 50.8 x 50.8 mm 1100-1600 nm MB.3


  • Shape
  • Material
    Grade A N-BK7
  • Coating Type
    Broadband metal-dielectric non-polarizing
  • Antireflection Coating
    Multilayer broadband dielectric
  • Angle of Incidence
  • Orientation
    To avoid damage, beam should enter prism marked with a dot
  • Reflection
    Rs, p = 45 ±5% average, 35%≤ Rs, p ≤55%
  • Reflected Beam Deviation
    90° ±5 arc min
  • Transmission
    Ts, p = 45 ±5% average, 35%≤ Ts, p ≤55%
  • Transmitted Beam Deviation
    ≤5 arc min
  • Polarization
    S- and P-polarization components matched to within 10%,|Ts - Tp| ≤10%, |Rs - Rp| ≤10%
  • Wavefront Distortion
    ≤λ/4 at 632.8 nm over the clear aperture
  • Surface Quality
    40-20 scratch-dig
  • Surface Flatness
    ≤λ/4 at 632.8 nm
  • Damage Threshold
    100 W/cm2 CW, 0.1 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses, typical
  • Clear Aperture
    >80% of central dimension
  • Size Tolerance
    ±0.254 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -50 to 90°C
  • Durability
  • Cleaning


Broadband Metal-dielectric Hybrid Coatings

Three metal-dielectric hybrid broadband coatings are offered covering the 400-700 nm, 700-1100 nm, and 1100-1600 nm wavelength ranges. Incoming beams are both transmitted and reflected 45%, with the s and p-polarized components matched to within 10% of each other. Hybrid beamsplitters are less sensitive to changes in angle of incidence, resulting in an optic that is chromatically neutral for both convergent and divergent beams.

Works Great With Tunable lasers

Broadband non-polarizing hybrid cube beamsplitters have moderate absorption but minimal polarization sensitivity. The broad spectral flatness of these beamsplitters makes them ideal for use with multiple sources or tunable lasers.

Constructed With Pair of Right-Angle Prisms

These beamsplitters consist of a pair of precision right-angle prisms carefully cemented together to minimize wavefront distortion. The hypotenuse of one of the prisms is coated with a metal-dielectric hybrid beamsplitter coating optimized over a broad wavelength range. The four faces are antireflection coated with a broadband multilayer dielectric coating to minimize surface reflection losses over the wavelength range. Due to the metallic nature of the hybrid coating, these beamsplitters are not intended for use with higher power lasers.

Proper Orientation

Cube beamsplitters are formed by cementing two right angle prisms together. One of the two prisms has the partially reflective metal-dielectric coating applied to its hypotenuse. In Newport's cube beamsplitters the coated prism is marked with a visible dot. Incident light should enter the prism with the coated hypotenuse in order to minimize power passing through the optical cement. Alternatively, a beam entering via the uncoated prism results in more than triple the fluence in the cement (the transmitted component, plus a double pass by the reflected component). With higher power beams this can result in degradation of the cement.

Mounting Options

M1-P2_Prism M1-PT PO46BL-50 9411 UGP-1 Q-IBC-1
Mount Type Platform Mount Prism Stage
Models M1-P2 M1-PT PO46-50 Series 9411
Accessories Requires
Included TC-1OC1-GR-2 Optional UGP-KIT-1
Adjustments 2-axis 3-axis
Compatible Cube Sizes 5.0-50.8 mm 5.0-25.4 mm 6.35-25.4 mm 12.7-25.4 mm
Special Features Table Mount Gimbal Gimbal,
AegisQube™ System Compatibility
Mount Type Cube Mount
Models LH-1PM CH-0.5
Accessories Optional
Adjustments Fixed1 1-axis
Compatible Cube Sizes 25.4 mm 12.7, 25.4 mm 25.4 mm 12.7, 25.4 mm
Special Features A-Line™ System Compatibility Lens or Rotation Mount Compatibility OpticsCage+™ or Mirror Mount Compatibility OpticsCage+™ System Compatibility

1Adjustments are added to the CH and UPA-CH series cube mounts when being held by a kinematic or rotary mount.