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Linear Stage, Compact, Ball Bearing, 0.25 in. Travel, 6 lb. Load, 8-32
In Stock
In Stock

An 80 TPI lead screw is included with this stage.


  • Axes of Travel
  • Maximum Stage Travel
    6.35 mm
  • Centered Normal Load Capacity
    44 N
  • Vertical Axial Load Capacity
    27 N
  • Recommended Actuators
    Lead screw is included
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    80 TPI
  • Sensitivity
    1 µm
  • Angular Deviation
    <300 µrad
  • Material
  • Bearings
    Ball Bearings
  • Drive Location
    Center drive
  • Thread Type


Multi-Axis Configurations

Multi-axis translation systems can be assembled by attaching the frame of one stage directly to the platform of another. Adaptor Plate 450P provides a set of tapped and clearance mounting holes to accommodate post holders and other components, and to provide attachment to optical tables and breadboards.

Slightly Elevated Stage

The drive knob extends out a distance from the frame, independent of the platform travel, to minimize space requirements. To ensure clearance for overhanging components, the stage is elevated slightly above the frame.