Connect Directly to High Speed Photodetectors

The Model 1421 and 1422 Broadband Amplifiers are housed in a compact unit whose input and output connectors are Wiltron K-connectors. A female connector is used on the input to mate with the male connector used on the output of New Focus’ High-speed Photodetectors. In addition, there is a captive screw piercing the unit that allows the amplifier to be fastened to any Model 10XX or 14XX Series photodetector module.

Invert or Amplify Fast Signals

The double-shielded cases are designed to connect directly to our photodetector modules, reducing standing-wave effects and RF pick-up at the input. The 8.5-dB-gain Model 1421 inverts your signal, while the 18-dB-gain Model 1422 does not. The standard version comes with a low-frequency cutoff of 50 MHz. Specify the -LF option for a low-frequency cutoff of 14 MHz. Power cables are provided.

Response of the Model 1421 to a 125-mV, 50-ps, positive step-function input. Response of the Model 1422 to a 125-mV, 50-ps, positive step-function input.

Flat Frequency Response

These traveling wave amplifiers offer a flat frequency response in both amplitude and phase.

Frequency response of the Model 1421 / 1422 amplifiers.