Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Type Height Thread Type Pack Quantity Availability Price
Pedestal Extension 12.7 mm 8-32 1
Pedestal Extension 25.4 mm 8-32 1
Pedestal Base 25.4 mm 1/4-20 1
Pedestal Extension 12.7 mm M4 1
Pedestal Extension 25.4 mm M4 1
Pedestal Base 25.4 mm M6 1
Clamping Fork 9.4 mm 1/4-20 (M6) Slot 1
Pedestal Spacer 0.79 mm 8-32 (M4) CLR 10
Pedestal Spacer 1.6 mm 8-32 (M4) CLR 10
Pedestal Spacer 3.2 mm 8-32 (M4) CLR 10
Pedestal Spacer 6.35 mm 8-32 (M4) CLR 10


Extenders and Spacers for a Wide Variety of Heights

SP-E Pedestal extenders are available in fixed standard heights of 0.5 in. (8-32 thread type and 12.7 mm diameter) and 1.0 in. (8-32 thread type and 12.7 mm diameter.) For custom mounting heights, precision spacers are also available in four thicknesses, the thinnest of which is just 1/32 in. (0.8 mm) thick. 

Magnetic Pedestal Base Adapter

(M-) SP-BZ pedestal base adapter is designed to convert a SP mounting post to a pedestal. It has a magnet located in the base to steady the post prior to securing it to an optical table by SP-F clamping fork. This feature allows experimenters to securely position their optical mounts prior to clamping them down. Not only does the magnetic base reduce the potential for damaging optical components, it also greatly increases the speed and efficiency with which an experiment can be set up.

Miniature Clamping Fork

The SP-F is a miniature all-stainless-steel clamping fork, designed to be used with the SP-Z series of miniature pedestal posts. Unlike other miniature post forks, the SP-F is designed to be used on industry standard 1/4-20 (M6) threaded optical tables and breadboards.