Infrared Material Plano-Convex Lenses

These uncoated Infrared Plano-Convex lenses are constructed with materials that are well-matched for IR applications, especially focusing. Sapphire lenses feature high compressive strength, high melting point, excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to strong acids, making them suitable for high power and high pressure applications in vacuum or corrosive atmospheres for wavelengths between 150-5,000 nm. Zinc Selenide lenses operate between 600 nm and 16 µm wavelengths and are ideal for CO2 laser applications and mid-IR femtosecond pulse applications. Calcium Fluoride lenses provide high average transmission and low chromatic aberration for wavelengths between 180-8,000 nm and are also suitable for near-IR femtosecond pulse applications. AMTIR-1 lenses are our most economical IR lenses for wavelengths between 800 nm to 16 µm.

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