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Technical Notes

PZA12 Compatibility with Manual Positioners

Newport's PZA Ultra-High Resolution Actuator provides 12.5 mm travel with 50 N load capacity.

Technical Notes

Motorized Actuator Compatibility with Manual Mirror Mounts

This note details the compatibility of Newport motorized actuators with our manually adjusted mirror mounts.

Technical Notes

TRA and TRB Series Compatibility with Manual Positioners and Mounts

Newport's TRA & TRB series miniature motorized linear actuator are offered in 6 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm travel versions with 60 N or 90 N load capacity.

Technical Notes

Motorized Linear Actuator Compatibility Guide

Many Newport manual positioning products can be motorized by using Newport motorized precision actuators. Once the manual positioner is chosen for an application, use the tables below …

Technical Notes

Estimating Angular Motion with Respect to Actuator Translation

A method to estimate angular motion of a tilt or rotation stage with respect to the linear translation of the actuator.

Selection Guides

Motorized Optical Mount Guide

Motorized optical mounts are great for automating sensitive lab or production optical systems, as well as making adjustments in tight spaces where manual adjustment is not possible …

Application Notes

Collimation Tester

The Newport Collimation Tester 20QS20 makes use of a technique called “Shearing Interferometry.” This is a null method used to test the collimation of laser light whose coherence length …


Quantum Technology Research Solutions

For over 50 years, MKS has provided components and expertise for thousands of systems and optical applications in a variety of markets. We offer a full range of products for quantum …


CONEX-LDS Autocollimator User Manual

The CONEX-LDS autocollimator is a compact and self-contained angle measuring instrument. It measures the angular variations of a reflective surface, a plane mirror for example, using …


Precision Motion Control Catalog 2018

Welcome to the second edition of the dedicated catalog for Newport’s Motion Control products, your single point source for high performance, mechanical, and air bearing stages, controllers, …