Custom Engineered Opto-Mechanical Components

Our components group has been supplying industry leading optical mounts, optical components and manual positioning products for over 25 years. During this time we have been continuously developing materials, modifying processes and supplying custom products for customer specific applications. Our custom products start with one of our standard optical mounts, optical components or manual positioning stages and are then modified to your specific needs.

Optical Mounts & Manual Positioning Products

Newport can modify most of our optical mounts or manual positioning stages to provide a solution for your application. We can also modify our existing products, build to print from your design, or we can design a new custom solution tailored to your specific needs:

  • Add additional mechanical characteristics for your space constraints or mounting requirements
  • Modify our optical mounts for non-standard sized optical components
  • Add higher tension springs or lower tension springs
  • Increase the travel range of manual stages

OEM & Sub-Assembly Support

Regardless of the type of custom modification, Newport can support OEM quantities for standard or custom products. Any of the modifications listed can be supported in volume production. Newport can also assemble and integrate standard or custom products into higher level customer assemblies. If you purchase optical components and optical mounts separately and assemble at your facility then let Newport assemble them for you and send one complete assembly to your facility.

Newport V100-CP Mirror Mount with 10D20ER.1 Broadband Mirror mounted to a RSP-1T Rotation Stage
Custom OEM application: 562F-XYZ with 562F-TILT

Environmental Modifications

Do you have an adverse environment or technical application where our standard optical mounts and manual positioning stages are not compatible? We have developed proven processes to support some of today’s most challenging environments. Newport first started developing and modifying our catalog products to meet Vacuum Compatible (10-6 Torr) requirements in 1997. We have an established history of supplying our catalog optical mounts and manual positioning products to meet the needs of a vacuum environment. Our new LaserClean line of low VOC components is a great example. Customers have trusted us for years to support their most critical needs for vacuum compatible mounts and stages.

Custom U100-A2H Optical Mount modified for 10-6 Torr vacuum applications
Custom M-DS25-X Compact Dovetail Linear Stage modified for 10-9 Torr ultra-high vacuum applications
Custom M-36 Tilt and Rotation Platform modified for 10-9 Torr ultra-high vacuum applications

Since 2001 Newport has developed materials, processes and infrastructure to support the Semi-Conductor Capital Equipment market and since has developed a reputation for meeting the most stringent needs of UV and DUV requirements. We have identified and tested compatible adhesives and lubricants to minimize outgassing concerns for each application, developed and qualified precision cleaning methodologies and invested in processes and infrastructure to preserve cleanliness during assembly and packaging.

We are now building on this knowledge to offer more options for your specific needs. Most of our catalog optical mounts and manual positioning stages can now be modified to meet the following applications:

  • Vacuum Compatible, 10-6 Torr
  • Ultra-High Vacuum 10-9 Torr (UHV)
  • High Energy Infrared\Pre-EUV Light Generation
  • Deep-Ultra Violet (DUV)
  • Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV)
W_DSC_4903_Top Mount
Custom 9814 Stability Top Mirror Mount for high energy infrared, pre-EUV light generation applications 1” and 2” versions
Custom HVM–1i Vertical Drive Kinematic Optical Mount modified for deep ultra-violet applications