Fundamentals of Vibration Control

Technical Notes

This technical note describes the fundamentals of vibration and how these concepts relate to measurable parameters such as compliance and maximum relative motion.

Optical Table System Design

Technical Notes

The term optical table system typically refers to a vibration-isolation system, that is, the tabletop plus the support system.

Designing with VIB320 Vibration Isolation Bearings

Technical Notes

Newport's VIB320 Series isolators utilize patented VIBe™ technology to attenuate the transmission of vibrations without the need for electronics, air hoses, compressor or other supporting hardware. They offer robustness for tough environments, quicke...

Optical Table Pre-installation Checklist


This document is a pre-installation checklist for optical table systems and workstations, detailing optical table transport instructions and lab space and air supply setup.

Optical Table Guide

Selection Guides

Newport offers a wide variety of Optical Tables including our broadband damped RPR Series Optical Tables, precision tuned damped RS Series Optical Tables, and actively damped SmartTable Optical Tables with IQ Damping Technology. Our optical table sol...

Vision IsoStation Brochure


The Vision IsoStation provides industry leading performance and more user friendly features and accessories than any other vibration isolation workstation. All of the features and accessories have been designed specifically to improve ease–of–install...

Vibration Control Definitions of Characteristics


This glossary covers the important terms related to vibration control.

Fundamentals of Vibration


Vibration and vibration isolation are both intimately connected with the phenomenon of resonance and simple harmonic motion. A simple example of harmonic motion is a mass connected to a flexible cantilevered beam. External force, either from a one-...

Doubled Table Tops


Newport’s doubled table concept utilizes a unique joining or “doubler” interface that maintains strength and rigidity across the interface between individual table sections. Using doublers, tables can be joined end-to-end, side-to-side, or side-to-en...

Less Magnetic Table Tops


With more than 40 years of experience in custom vibration control products, Newport's capabilities in less magnetic tables are extensive.
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