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Encoder Adapter, XPS-D, DB15 to HD26, For VP-25XL
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In Stock
Motor Adaptor, IDL165-LM, Stage to XPS-DRV11 Driver Card
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
G-code Software, XPS controller
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Rack Mounting Kit, XPS-RLD Motion Controller
Cable, Trigger Output, LEMO/flying leads, 5m
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XPS-GCODE software enables your XPS to become a powerful, high-precision laser machining center that can read and convert G-codes, display the tool path and execute trajectory routines with the power and precision of Newport Motion Control.

XPS-GCODE interface showing a 3D model generated from a G-CODE.

Trigger Output Cable

Newport's XPS controller is an excellent choice for applications requiring motion-synchronized, high-speed triggering of external devices. The XPS-TG5 is a 5-m cable that connects to the XPS' trigger output port on its rear panel via a LEMO connector and provides flying leads for user access.

Adapter for VP-25XL Encoder Cable

The E5820A adapter enables the connection of the VP-25XL linear stages' encoder cable with Newport's XPS-D controller.