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Mirror Mount, Gimbal, Corner, 1.0 in., 3 Knobs
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25.4 mm Knob, non-locking
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Mirror Mount, Gimbal, Corner, 2.0 in., 3 Knobs
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50.8 mm Knob, non-locking
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Mirror Mount, Gimbal, Corner, 0.5 in., 3 Allen-Keys
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12.7 mm Allen-Key, non-locking
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Gimbal vs. Non Gimbal Mounts

A gimbal mount has axes of rotation which intersect at the center front surface of the optic. When the mount is adjusted only the beam's angle changes, not its length. In contrast, a non-gimbal mount will shorten or lengthen a beam path as angle is adjusted.

Gimbal Mounts with Z-axis Translation

These translating gimbal mounts feature three adjusters. Their pivot point is in line with the center of the mirror, providing nearly pure tilt with the turn of just one adjuster. Additionally, translational Z-axis adjustment can be achieved by simply turning all three adjusters the same amount.

Thread-matched Adjusters

Since grease can migrate, causing long-term creep, these mounts are exclusively fitted with thread-matched adjustment screws which need almost no grease.  The result is actuators that have very smooth movement, and mounts with exceptional long-term and thermal stability.