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Thin Film Polarizer, Ultrafast, 14.3 x 28.6 mm, Rs>80%, 700-900 nm
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Thin Film Polarizer, Ultrafast, 14.3 x28.6 mm, Rs>99%, 785-815 nm
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Angular Tuning

Angular tuning may be required to achieve maximum transmission. High-quality N-BK7 substrates afford minimal wavefront distortion. These ultrafast polarizers are rectangular, 14.3 x 28.6 x 3.2 mm.

UP.25 Coating

Our UP.25 coating provides maximum bandwidth and laser damage resistance. The UP.25 coating has a bandwidth of 700–900 nm and a polarization extinction of 5:1. This design also tends to support higher laser energy density.

UP.26 Coating

Our UP.26 coating provides maximum polarization extinction. The UP.26 coating features a polarization extinction of 95:1 over a bandwidth of 785 to 815 nm.