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Thin Film Polarizer, Ultrafast, 14.3 x 28.6 mm, Rs>80%, 700-900 nm
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Thin Film Polarizer, Ultrafast, 14.3 x28.6 mm, Rs>99%, 785-815 nm
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Angular Tuning

Thin film polarizers are designed to transmit p-polarized light and reflect s-polarized light. This transmission and reflection is greatest at the angle of incidence – in this case, 70°±2°. Because of the angle tolerance, fine adjustments of the polarizer's position (angular tuning) around the angle of incidence when setting up your experiment may be required to realize optimal polarization performance.

Ideal for Ultrafast

These coatings, which are carefully placed on Grade A N-BK7 substrates that produce minimal wavefront distortion, have been specially designed to minimize pulse dispersion in ultrafast Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifiers. Additionally, these polarizers offer damage thresholds up to 3 J/cm2 pulsed.

Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace™: the most technically advanced Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier commercially available.

Mounting Options

These rectangular polarizers can be mounted to a verity of our mounts such as UGP-1, M1-RQ, or CYM-2R. For applications that require angular tuning for maximized transmission, we recommend our UGP-1 Three-Axis Optic Tilt Mount, which delivers high precision yaw adjustment over a range of ±5º.

UP.25 Coating

Our UP.25 coating provides maximum bandwidth and laser damage resistance. The UP.25 coating has a bandwidth of 700–900 nm and a polarization extinction of 5:1. This design also tends to support higher laser energy density.

UP.26 Coating

Our UP.26 coating provides maximum polarization extinction. The UP.26 coating features a polarization extinction of 95:1 over a bandwidth of 785 to 815 nm.