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Thin Film Polarizer, High-Energy Nd:YAG, UVFS, 14.3 x 28.6 mm, 355 nm
Thin Film Polarizer, High-Energy Nd:YAG, N-BK7, 14.3 x 28.6 mm, 532 nm
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Thin Film Polarizer, High-Energy Nd:YAG, N-BK7, 14.3x28.6 mm, 1064 nm
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Brewster’s Angle Mounting and Tuning

Thin film polarizers are designed to transmit p-polarized light and reflect s-polarized light. This transmission and reflection is greatest at the angle of incidence – in this case, Brewster's Angle, with extinction ratios exceeding 100:1. When setting up your experiment, fine adjustments of the polarizer's position (angular tuning) around the angle of incidence may be required to realize optimal polarization performance.

High Damage Threshold

These optics have been developed for use in some of the most demanding lasers in the industry. An advanced coating design is carefully placed on Grade A N-BK7 or UV Grade Fused Silica substrates through meticulous production procedures, resulting in damage thresholds of 5 MW/cm2 CW and 5 J/cm2 pulsed.

Mounting Options

These rectangular polarizers can be mounted to a verity of our mounts such as UGP-1, M1-RQ, or CYM-2R. For applications that require angular tuning for maximized transmission, we recommend our UGP-1 Three-Axis Optic Tilt Mount, which delivers high precision yaw adjustment over a range of ±5º.

Advanced Coatings

Our HP.2, HP.4 and HP.6 coatings provide 100:1 extinction ratio, high efficiency (Tp>95%) and high laser damage resistance at their design wavelengths of 355, 532 and 1064 nm, respectively.