Pre-Aligned Light Source

This pre-aligned light source is the most straight forward and simple to use light source offered. Simply install the lamp cartridge, make the necessary electrical connections, secure the door, and power on the lamp. There is no need to align or focus the lamp as the output light has already been semi-collimated and ready to couple to any other Oriel Instruments product, such as a monochromator or filter wheel.

Xenon Lamp Cartridge

The LHC300 is the replacement cartridge containing a pre-aligned 300 W Xenon arc lamp used in the LH300 housing. The cartridge allows for a simple, drop-in installation and eliminates the need for alignment.

High Stability Arc Lamp Power Supply

The 69911 power supply provided with these light sources is a highly regulated 500 W arc lamp power supply. Much of an arc lamp's stability in wavelength and output intensity is due to keeping the temperature and pressure of the gas inside the lamp's envelope as constant possible. The power supply provides highly stable voltage and current supply to the arc lamp, keeping the arc lamp's ripple to less than 0.5% rms while maximizing the lifetime of the lamp.

Lighthouse Lamp Housing

The LH300 lighthouse lamp housing is more than just an aluminum enclosure for the lamp. It contains the ignitor, condensing optics, lamp hour counter, and lamp cooling fan. This model was designed for the 300 W Xenon lamp cartridge which aligns directly to the housings output flange.

Arc Lamp Safety

Arc lamps may emit dangerous levels of UV radiation depending on their source type. Ensure that only authorized personnel are in the vicinity of the source, and wearing the necessary safety equipment such as UV protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves. Lighted UV warning signs, posted outside laboratory doors where UV sources are operating, can prevent accidental exposure. Newport also recommends using an electronic shutter to block the beam when the source is not in use but remains turned on. Alternatively, the beam can be safely contained by using beam tubes or fiber optic cables to deliver the light to a sample. It is recommended to vent the ozone that is produced by some lamp models to the outside or use the 66087 Ozone Eater.