Drop-in Replacement for Legacy Model 1830-C

The 1830-R series is a perfect drop-in replacement for your existing 1830-C, which was also the most popular Newport optical power meter used in fiber optic component production and testing, thanks to its high bandwidth electronics design. All the functions are easily accessible from the front panel buttons. To maintain accuracy and guarantee performance Newport recommends annual power meter calibration.

Flexible Communication Interface

USB2.0 is the standard computer interface, while the 1830-R-GPIB model offers additional IEEE-488 (GPIB) and the RS-232C ports. Both the 1830-C and the current 1936-R/2936-R commands are supported. A built-in beeper, which changes its frequency as a function of incident optical power, can be utilized to optimize optical beam alignment. The analog output that provides a voltage proportional to the detector current can be used for high speed analog control loop, fiber alignment applications, and LIV characterization. Firmware is easily updated through the USB port.

Easy Switch among Various Measurement Units

DC power measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, and Relative Measurement on the instrument’s bright 4 1/2 digit annunciated LED, providing wide dynamic range with power sensitivities down to 10 pW and full scale readings up to 2 W (detector dependent). Relative power measurements, in reference to a previously stored value, is performed with the result displayed either as a ratio or dB.

Calibration Report Included

Newport certifies calibration performed using standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other recognized national standards laboratories. Included with your new instrument is a comprehensive calibration report. Newport also recommends recalibration every 12 months.

Audible Beeper for Power Change

The BEEP button on the front panel turns the variable frequency beeper on and off. The frequency of this tone varies as a function of the optical power being measured. The real-time audible feedback is very helpful when trying to maximize optical throughput without looking at the display.

High Accuracy Measurement

The 1830-R features high accuracy measurement down to ±0.13% and ±0.5% analog output accuracy to provide solutions to the most challenging power measurement needs.

Designed for Telecom/Datacom Applications

The 1830-R is an essential tool for the production of telecom/datacom devices. With its ability to detect and measure beam power from fiber optics at up to 20 kHz bandwidth (depending on the selected range), the 1830-R is ideally suited to facilitate alignment and LIV characterization of optical fiber to silicon photonics devices and other fiber optic components.

Additional Benefits

  • Improved analog output accuracy ±0.5% versus ±1% of 1830-C
  • Automatic attenuator position recognition (with 918D Series detectors)
  • A USB memory stick (2GB) including software and documents ships with each unit
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

Compatible Optical Detectors

The 1830-R series power meters are compatible only with photodiode detectors with a DB15 connectors.

Please refer to Newport Power Meter and Detector Legacy and Compatibility for a complete meter/detector compatibility chart.