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Cotton Swabs, 1000 Quantity
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Optic Cleaning Swab, Micro Absorbond™, Texwipe, 500 Quantity
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Micro Absorbond™ Cleanroom Swabs by Texwipe

Designed and packaged for clean-room use, the LAB-11 swabs have a hydroentangled, continuous-filament polyester head that is thermally molded onto a polypropylene handle without the use of adhesives. These Absorbond™ swabs are extremely soft, non-abrasive, and have very low extractables making them ideal for cleaning optical surfaces. They have excellent chemical resistance and can be used with a wide range of solvents.

Cotton Optic Swabs

Model LAB-10 Cotton Optic Swabs are used to clean small optics or small areas of a larger optic. These swabs have solvent resistant, 3 in. (7.6 cm) long wooden handles and 100% wrapped cotton heads. They are not recommended for delicate optics.

Optic Cleaning Instructions

Everything you need to know about safely cleaning high quality optics is shown in this instructional video.