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Optic Cleaning Kit, Deluxe, Red Polymer, Brush Applicator
Optic Cleaning Kit, Red Polymer, Brush Applicator
Optic Cleaning Kit, Red Polymer, Spray Applicator


The Most Advanced Polymer Cleaner Available

First Contact red polymer was developed over several years using designer polymers and a complex solvent system. The polymer solution adheres strongly to itself and particulate contaminants but has very minimal adhesion to the surface of an optic. The polymer dries to a red flexible film that can be peeled off easily, revealing a pristine optic surface. The polymer has been carefully developed to work with high quality lenses, mirrors and diffraction gratings. It is designed to dry at a controlled rate to avoid thermal coating stress that could damage an optic. First Contact red polymer optic cleaner is safe for use with optical glass, metals, Si, Ge, KBr. KRS-5, ZnSe and NaCl, as well as thin films like AR and reflective coatings. It can be used on smooth or rough surfaces, flat or curved surfaces, and continuous or non-continuous surfaces. The fluid polymer conforms easily to the optic's surface, while the dried film releases from the optic with a simple peel.

Brush Applicator Cleaning Kits

Our brush applicator polymer cleaning kits include a nail polish style brush applicator bottle, polymer refill bottles, peel tabs and a carrying case. The red polymer can be poured or brushed on the optic. After allowing the polymer to dry to a thin film, a peel tab is applied to remove the film from the optic. Our standard RFCR optic cleaning kit includes 73 ml of designer red polymer solution and 30 pull tabs. Our deluxe RFCD optic cleaning kit includes everything in the standard cleaning kit plus 2 additional 29 ml polymer solution refill bottles and 20 additional peel tabs.

Will Not Scratch an Optic's Surface

First Contact polymer solution can be poured, sprayed or brushed on an optic. Nothing touches the optic surface except the liquid polymer solution. When properly applied, it is impossible to scratch the optic's surface, regardless of the contaminants present.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solution

Our polymer optic cleaning kits are a cost effective tool for cleaning laser optics. You can apply the polymer, let it dry, and remove it when you want to use the optic. The polymer film will protect the optic while keeping it perfectly clean until peeled off. This allows you to clean optics on your own schedule, and not just before use. It is also possible to clean a mounted optic.

Surface Coverage

The coverage you can expect depends on the shape, size and roughness of the optic. One milliliter of red polymer solution can clean about 6 flat and smooth 1-inch optics. A bit more is required if the surface is rough or for larger optics. There is no maximum or minimum size of optic that can be cleaned. First Contact red polymer has been used to clean the surface of fiber optics as well as 6-foot hexagonal mirrors used in telescopes.

Optic Protection

Our polymer cleaner can be used to protect a coated optic's surface. Once dried, the inert polymer forms a strong and flexible covering that adheres intimately to the surface. The polymer film prevents airborne contaminants from settling on the optic. It also protects the optic from damage from fingerprints, particulate and abrasion. The dried polymer film provides an excellent barrier to oxygen, sulfur, and water vapor. It can be used during shipping or storage to prevent oxidation and chemical damage.