Free From Photo-contamination

Photo-contamination is a key word for Deep-UV optics, and Newport understands these requirements. We understand the effect contamination can have on Deep-UV optics, and we have invested years of research and analysis to develop materials and processes compatible to Deep-UV wavelengths. Great care is taken to make sure that incompatible materials are not introduced into the manufacturing process, and we take even greater care with our cleaning and coating processes. Special Pet-G and non-outgassing, metallized lined packaging insure that parts are delivered clean and protected from any environmental photo-contamination.

Specialized Long-term UV Coating

Extensive analysis, research and testing have been done to better understand the conditions at these short UV wavelengths. The standard rules for coating design and processing do not always apply. Our coating scientists have investigated various conditions including thermal issues, densification of materials, and wavelength shift in order to properly optimize the performance of the mirrors at 193 nm under long term use.